18 Holes - Print Complete / Last Call For Address Changes / Sleeved Cards

Shipping status: Estimated delivery June-July 2022

This update contains the following:

  • Progress update
  • Shipping Details Closing
  • Dropped Items / Changed Orders
  • Sleeved cards

Since the last update, I have received the final samples from the printers. I've gone through these and signed them off. The games have been packed and we are now waiting for freight. At present we have a June - July 2022 delivery window depending on where you are. There are four shipments: US, EU/UK, AU and South-East Asia. The UK items will land in France first before swimming across the channel.

Two games, expansion, a box of trees and the exclusive packs

Last call for address changes

This is the last call for address changes. I will give everyone another week to let me know of any address changes after that the address will be with my fulfilment partners. To a certain extent, it is possible to change an address until it has left their warehouse but they may charge me for it. The address you see in Gamefound is the address that the games will be delivered. If you're not sure, please check or contact me and we can check together. If you need to change your address, let me know as I can do that.

There are 3 of you who have not provided your address. Please check your Kickstarter message inbox.

Dropped Items / Changed Orders

When I moved all the orders from Kickstarter to Gamefound, the add-ons didn't work properly. For most people this was fine, you noticed and put your add-ons back on. Some people didn't notice. Some people changed their pledge completely. I contacted each of you to confirm whether you were changing your pledge. This is a reminder to check your Kickstarter messages because what is in your Gamefound order is what is being delivered.

Sleeved Cards

Having a chance to redo the tray from the base, also gave me a chance to make sure they would have wide enough slots for sleeved cards. The images below have cards sleeved with 60-micron thick sleeves. The games visible include all exclusive content as well (the wooden wind marker has a home underneath the hexes).

Second Edition, expansion w/ exclusive and course architect w/exclusive with sleeved cards

That is all for this update. Next scheduled update will be in a week to let you know that late pledges / address changes have closed.

Stay safe

- Ryan

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