Another 4,878 Holes of golf! ⛳🏌️🎉

Thank you!

Thank you to those who have returned to back the expansion and thank you to those who are coming to 18 Holes for the first time. By backing the project you are trusting me to deliver. I want to assure you that over the next 7 months, I will keep you updated every step of the way. You can expect the same level of communication as the previous Kickstarter. Regular updates as we progress through the process and then continued updates for six-months or so after the games have been delivered to share any new courses or game modes we come up with.

As we have a first-time backer joining us so, allow me to talk about the process.


Kickstarter will now process your payment and for many of you, that will already have happened. It can take up to 14 days. There were failed payments last time and I expect there will be failed payments again this time. If your payment fails. Kickstarter will email you with steps on what to do. This can happen if your card has expired. Follow the steps in the email to fix it up. If it's not working for you, let me know and we'll work out a way to get you onto the course. If it doesn't get fixed then we can't ship you your games.

Making the game

While your payments are being processed we will be finishing off the last pieces of work. 

There are some other things we need to do:

  • Finish the art for the additional golfers
  • Finish the Course Architect art (reference card, box back)
  • Finish layout and editing of rules
  • Pledge Manager
  • Preparing the files for print (done for the base game)
  • Signing the contracts
  • Proofing the digital and physical files
  • Proofing the materials and samples
  • Production, shipping and fulfilment.

Some of those tasks above can't start until Kickstarter has processed and transferred the money to us. It can take 2-3 weeks and we can't sign any contracts with our partners until that has been done. You may also have heard of electricity shortages in China. We have already spoken to the printers and as it stands there is no change to the timeframes for delivery. It will take them longer but when we were planning the expected delivery date we added some padding to handle circumstances like these.

Again thank you. It's late here and time for me to get some rest.

Stay safe.

- Ryan

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