Fulfilment Update - Early September

Except UK - All shipments are marked as either shipped or delivered. If you don't have a delivery yet and you want to know the tracking number, please contact me and I'll find it. I appreciate that not all fulfilment partners sent out tracking numbers and that's something I'll take on for next time.


The games have left France are going through customs. I let you know when they leave the warehouse.


Damaged Items

If you have any issues with your game when it arrives e.g. damaged box, missing pieces, you receive more games than you ordered, etc. Please contact me and I'll sort it out. There are replacement parts in each of the fulfilment location to handle this scenario this.  

Language Packs

If you have ordered a language pack, then you'll know I've been in contact regarding the stuff up with the IOSS number. I'll happily refund any tax amount you had to pay when collecting the language pack. Please send me the receipt to hello@seabrook-studios.com



The first Kickstarter for 18 Holes was during the early days covid. I said I would make a version of the game that would support remote play. That version was called Caddy and while it was functional, it wasn't very good and didn't get much use. I've recently ported the base game to screentop.

You will still need one person to set up a webcam over the board but all the cards are visible on the screentop version. I added the translated cards in as well, so you can chose to play remotely in German, French, Spanish or Italian. The caveat is that all players need to use the same language version.

If it gets much use, I'll look at putting the expansion cards and dice up on there as well.

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