Fulfilment Update - Late July

Fulfilment is in progress or complete for China, Japan, Korea, Singapore, Australia and New Zealand. If you have a question about your order, please message me.

  • US / ROW shipment has arrived at the warehouse. Fulfilment will start soon.
  • EU shipment landed and has not progressed through the port due to congestion. I'm not sure on the ETA to the warehouse at the moment. 
  • UK shipment has been further delayed due to the delays getting the EU shipment to the warehouse.

If you have any issues with your game when it arrives e.g. damaged box, missing pieces, you receive more games than you ordered, etc. Please contact me and I'll sort it out. There are replacement parts in each of the fulfilment location to handle this scenario this.


The posters come from three different locations depending on where you are located. All posters have been delivered. Please contact me if you have not received your poster.

Language Packs

As the volume of language packs is low, they are being printed by The Game Crafter,  the cards will be the same size but the card back colours are not consistent with the factory printed game. To compensate, your language packs are full replacements of any deck that has a replacement card. You will not have to mix decks you can either use the decks from the box or the replacement deck.

  • All Locations - The orders at The Game Crafter have been knocked down the queue due to priority orders from other customers. According to the orders page they are looking at a ship date of Mid-August now.

Colour Variations

A couple of people have messaged me to discuss the colour differences between the tiles in the first edition, the expansion and the expansion exclusive. I'll do my best to address it here. I know that it does bother some people because of how it affects the table presence of the game. I agree it's an irritation but the colour consistency is entirely cosmetic and does not affect game play. 

I've include a photo below so you can see what I am talking about. I have four tiles, one from the first edition, one from the second edition, one from the expansion and one from the expansion exclusive. As you can see that no two are the same despite three of them being printed at the same time, by the same printer. I've also included a set of six Carcassonne tiles from the base game and two expansion that I have. You can see that the tiles vary between their expansions and the base game. The colour variation is less pronounced as they've catered for it more in their design and they have more influence over the printing process. My printer was unable to ensure colour consistency across the tiles. 

Colour variation between 18 Holes tiles and Carcassonne tiles.

I have been reflecting on this issue and one of the changes I am making to address this is that I will be changing printers for all future projects. 

The second change is this will also be the last expansion for 18 Holes. I don't have plans for future expansions and even if I did I would be avoiding anything that introduces more tiles into the game.  I don't wish to make the problem worse. 

Now, so that it's not a sad note to end the update, the people who have received the game have been telling me that they have been enjoying how the expansion compliments the base game. With this kind of positive feedback, I'm at a point where I can consider the 18 Holes experience as complete. And so, the people who are going to receive their games in the coming weeks, I really do hope you enjoy it as much as others have.

That's all for this update. I'll send another in a couple of weeks once I have a better idea of where the EU and UK fulfilment is at.

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