Fulfilment Update - Late September

All games have shipped or delivered. Canada see below.

If you don't have a delivery yet and you want to know the tracking number, please contact me and I'll find it. I appreciate that not all fulfilment partners sent out tracking numbers and that's something I'll take on for next time.


A lot of games for Canada were shipped, reached the border and then sent back to the US. My fulfilment partner has been talking to UPS and Customs to find out what has gone wrong. They've sent some test packages through to see if the issue is resolved and are reshipping the games.

Damaged Items

If you have any issues with your game when it arrives e.g. damaged box, missing pieces, you receive more games than you ordered, etc. Please contact me and I'll sort it out. There are replacement parts in each of the fulfilment location to handle this scenario this.  


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