Print and Play Files

Shipping status: Estimated delivery May 2022

Printing is in progress and is set to complete shortly after Chinese New Year.

This update is about the print and play files. If you're a print and play backer, the email address you used on Kickstarter has been given access to a Google Drive. One for each reward. Check your inboxes, spam, etc. If you can't use Google Drive, let me know and I'll find another way.

If you backed a physical copy of any game, I'll be sending out access to you as well once your shipping has been finalised in Gamefound. It has been for most people but there remains about 80 Gamefound accounts with pending shipping. 

At the moment the print and play files includes the English version as the translations are still in progress. When the translations are completed, I'll share another update letting you know that those versions of the print and play files are ready.

Next time I write, printing will be completed and we'll have a better understanding of the shipping situation.

Stay safe,


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