Production + Late Pledges + Translations

Shipping status: Estimated delivery May-June 2022


Chinese New Year has come and gone and most components have been printed and are looking great. The dice have yet to come out as I would like and we're working on getting them to where we need them to be. Current estimate for getting on the water is early March. That should be enough time but freight delays, customs and pandemics could all conspire here. I've updated the estimated delivery to May-June from May.

Address Changes + Late Pledges

About two weeks after the games get on the water our fulfilment partners have asked us to finalise addresses. At that point, I will be stopping pledges and address changes on Gamefound. So, if you're one of those people who've not supplied their shipping details, please get to it. If you know you're moving soon, talk to me and I'll look after it. 


The rules and cards translations have been completed. I am now in the process of laying out the rules and creating the translated versions of the playing cards. Once they are done, I'll share an update where you can access the translated rules and the print and play versions of the translated cards. If you ordered replacement cards, these are printed separately to the base game, these will head to an on-demand printer soon and may end up arriving a little before the game does.

Enjoy your Wednesday!

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