Shipping / Fulfilment Update - May Update

Shipping status: Estimated delivery May-June-July 2022

Shipping is in progress and in a few cases, fulfilment is in progress. Most people should consider July as the expected timeframes. The games are on ships at but there is still customs and local fulfilment that can experience delays. There are multiple delivery groups and some backers will receive up to 3 deliveries for their 18 Holes order to be considered complete.

Games / Expansions

  • China / Japan / Korea / Singapore - Fulfilment is starting now
  • AU / NZ - Fulfilment should start mid-June based on the shipping schedule.
  • EU - Fulfilment should start late June based on the shipping schedule.
  • US / RoW - Fulfilment should start early July based on the shipping schedule.
  • UK - Fulfilment should start mid-July based on the shipping schedule. The UK games have to transit through EU and will take longer to arrive.


The posters come from three different locations depending on where you are located. Some have been delivered, most have not, but all should be delivered within the next week. Please contact me after the 4th of June if you have not received your poster.

  • AU - Delivered
  • US - Delivered / Shipped
  • EU/UK - Shipped

Language Packs

As the volume of language packs is low, they are being printed by The Game Crafter, the cards will be the same size but the card back colours are not consistent with the factory printed game. To compensate, your language packs are full replacements of any deck that has a replacement card. You will not have to mix decks you can either use the decks from the box or the replacement deck.

  • All Locations - Estimated delivery is mid-July

That's all for this update. Next update should an update with progress on the fulfilment.

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