Translated Files + Printing Delays

Shipping status: Estimated delivery June-July 2022

Production Delays

The dice I spoke about in the last update needed to be redone and this added three weeks onto our schedule. While we were waiting for these, the meeples came back and we've had to get these remade as well. This pushed print complete to the end of March. Now, we have had issues with the trees on the main punchboard which we are working through at the moment. Yes, it's a reprint but we've suffered from die drift and some percentage of the 14,000 punchboards were affected. 

The most likely outcome is that we'll ship additional tree punchboards (from the box of trees add-on) in every copy to cover the risk of unusable trees. These, of course, will take time to print.

Last update, I was hoping to get on the water in Early March. I'm now hoping we'll get on the water in mid-April. The net result is the games won't arrive in May as originally estimated. It's now estimated at late-June, early July. For this, I am sorry.

Address Changes + Late Pledges

About two weeks after the games get on the water our fulfilment partners have asked us to finalise addresses. At that point, I will be stopping pledges and address changes on Gamefound. So, if you're one of those people who've not supplied their shipping details, please get to it. If you know you're moving soon, talk to me and I'll look after it. I've got a list of people who are moving soon, so there is a system in place. I've messaged everyone who has not supplied their shipping details. Please check your Kickstarter messages.


The rules and cards translations have been completed. All rules including translated versions are available here. You'll find the translated cards in the same place as the English print and play files. If you're not sure where they are send me a message. All print and play backers and all physical reward backers have access to digital translations and print and play files for the items they backed.

Thank you for your patience,


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