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18 Holes: Course Architect - Print and Play Edition

18 Holes: Course Architect - Print and Play Edition

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There is an adage, the million-dollar deal is done on the golf course. The deals shouldn't be happening yet as your still designing the course now. Yet, every week, the planning committee arrive to tell you what deals they made over the weekend and now you have to adjust your plans to suit. Can you handle the whims of the committee and design the best golf course.

18 Holes: Course Architect is a roll-and-write where you compete to create a golf course while satisfying the whims of the Course Planning Committee. Each round the committee dice are rolled revealing the greens, fairways and hazards that need to be placed this round. All players place what is shown on the dice onto their course. Player's score points for holes of the correct length, well placed hazards, secret bonuses and linking their holes together. The player with the most points will be regarded the greatest course architect!

This is the print and play version of 18 Holes - Course Architect. This is a digital download. No parts are shipped to you. You will need to print and cut out these components to play. Cards will come as sheets of A4 pages. 

Included contents

  • Sticker outline for dice (note that the game requires 3 dice)
  • 96 player cards (63x88mm) provided on A4
  • score pad
  • rulebook

The following components in the physical game are not included

  • 3 dice
  • Box

The print and play editions comes fully translated in English, French, Italian, German and Spanish.

A link to the print and play files will be emailed to the email address used for purchasing within 1 business day.

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