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Ten Wickets

Ten Wickets

Win auctions, take wickets. Lose auctions, score runs.

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Ten Wickets pits two cricket captains against each other trying to pick up ten wickets as cheaply as possible. Every wicket taken gives runs to the other player and whoever has the most runs wins.

On your turn you’ll be either bid, draw cards or take wickets and the game ends when one player has taken 10 wickets. Don't get caught out with less than 10 wickets because those missing wickets provide a bonus to your opponent.


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  • Game Info

    Players: 2

    Age: 8+

    Playing Time: 30 minutes

  • Components

    • 55 run cards
    • 29 wicket cards
    • 6 good ball tokens
    • Scorepad
    • rulebook
  • Retailer Info

    SKU: SBSCR01

    Barcode: 9 369998 168057

    Weight: 450 g

    Case Count: 12

    Dimensions: 185x140x45mm


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